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A Little About Pearls

Most people pay 8 times more for a pearl than it is actually worth!

Most people buy pearls without the knowledge of what they are buying!

Most people are waiting to hear the answer WHY!

In the early 1900s the only way to get a pearl was to dive for them. This is the reason why the prices for pearls were so high. In the 1960s biologists discovered a way to farm or culture pearls, under the watchful eye of skilled and trained pearl farmers. Today 99.9% of pearls are cultured. So why haven’t the prices dropped? Why does it cost $5,000 for a South Sea Cultured Pearl Necklace? Because, the consumer has not demanded lower prices, and because no pearl jewelry store is willing to cut their profit margin, by lowering prices.

There are many different ways to culture pearls, and most buyers have no idea what type of pearl they are buying.

In 1960 a man by the name of Kokichi Mikimoto came up with a culturing method that allows you to culture perfectly round pearls. Sounds great right? Well the truth of the matter is the culturing is done by placing a perfectly round plastic bead inside the Oyster between the Mantle and the Shell. It takes the Oyster about 1 – 2 weeks to coat the plastic bead with a very thin layer of pearl. Believe it or not, these are the most expensive pearls out there. And these are the pearls that most jewelry stores use in their $120 earrings. Do you now understand why they tell you not to use cleaner around the pearl or bump the pearl against any hard object.

South Sea Pearls are cultured in the Ocean below Okinawa, they are cultured mainly on the islands of the Philippines and off the coast of Australia. These pearls are exquisite, they take 6 – 9 months to form and when they come out they have a lustrous look to them. They are practically bomb proof. They are very expensive to buy retail is between $1,500 – $8,000.

Here at Vivianne’s We offer the finest South Sea Pearls, at a fraction of the market price. We are able to do this because we purchase the pearls directly from the source. We cut out all the middle man costs and bring you a great product without skimming high profits off the top. Enjoy browsing…

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Vivianne’s started up in 2007 by a college student named Russel Smith. He was dropped off at school by his father, who gave him $100 dollars, and said, “Good Luck Son.” His father paid for the first semester’s tuition and housing, and gave him a $400 loan to purchase some pearls from the Philippines. Not having any other way to finance his college education Russel had 2 options, 1st get a job at McDonald’s making $7.15 an hour or 2nd using his suitcase full of pearls to try and start a business. Russel set out on the second option meanwhile taking 16 college credit hours. It was rough at first but through market research he was able to find the product that was most appealing to the consumer. The products we have featured on this site are only here because that is what the demand was calling for. We have recently expended our product line from only supplying Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings using the finest Freshwater and Saltwater Pearls, to supplying Men’s Titanium and Tungsten Wedding bands, as well as Women’s Pearl Rings. Enjoy browsing our selection. Custom work is also available upon request. Please feel free to contact Russel directly using the Contact Us tab.


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